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How to sell your Digital Products Online

How to sell your Digital Products Online

For the people thinking of selling digital products, the good news is that you don’t need a huge investment to Set up and sell your digital products online. The internet is the best place to do business for those who wants to sell digital products e.g. eBooks, Music, Ring tones, Softwares, Digital images, Reports,  Website templates or Themes etc. Digital contents make great products because they’re easy to make, easy to sell, easy delivery and require no physical storage. They don’t expire and require little work to keep them current. Many people buy digital goods from internet because there is no shipping cost and no waiting time, the product is available immediately after purchase.

Sell Digital Products through Third Party Websites

If you don’t have a Web site of your own, you can take advantage of online shops and affiliate referral programs offered by digital goods e-commerce providers to boost traffic and sales of your own products. There are many places which can do this, like Clickbank, Payloadz, Modularmerchant, Tradebit, Buyitsellit, Booklocker etc.

Often, these sites have some kind of sign-up fee  and either a monthly fee or a percentage-of-sale fee. Each one has different benefits or weaknesses, so you should check them out and decide which one is right for you.

You can also submit your Digital products to online digital stores. By putting your digital products in an online store, you will also get more exposure as people who are interested to buy digital products often go to these sites rather than going to individual sites and which saves them time. This will also be convenient for you as these websites will be responsible for putting up the online shopping carts and payment systems as well as website and traffic maintenance.

Sell Digital Products from your Own WordPress Site

If you already have your own Web site or blog, there are a number of services that you can use to sell from your own Web space. With this you need to consider couple of things like Payment Processing, Security of your digital content and Digital Delivery.

Payment Process:
Payment process involves how the customer will pay for your product, type of payments customers are allowed to use e.g. credit cards, eChecks, offline payments and how you will receive the payments.

Delivery Mechanism for Digital Contents:
Unlike physical products, digital products do not require shipping and customers should be able to receive the product or access the service immediately upon payment.

Content Security:
You will need to be concerned about delivering the “download URL” link to the customers without the link being provided to other unauthorized users. Most publishers of Digital products often protect themselves from the unauthorized download  by adding barriers to the use of the product after it has been downloaded. For an example the Download link gets expired after a certain time or download.

For instance the WP eStore Shopping Cart Plugin’ automatically takes care of all the technicalities of selling and the delivery process of your Digital products if you are using WordPress for your CMS (Content Management System).

Complete Payment and Delivery process of Digital Products handled by WP eStore Shopping Cart Plugin



Customers can also pay using a Credit Card or their Paypal account

Your customers don’t have to have a PayPal account to be able to pay you. They can pay by credit card too. PayPal will give your customers the option to pay by credit card if they don’t have a PayPal account. When your customers go to the checkout page on PayPal they will see a line similar to the following which they can click on and use the credit card to pay:


Quick Video: How to Install WP eStore Plugin


Quick Video: How to sell Digital Product using WP eStore



Check the WP eStore Shopping Cart Plugin below at Tips and Tricks official website.

WordPress Shopping Cart

How to increase your sales with affiliation

A very useful way to sell a higher amount of products online is to build an affiliate network. From your website, you can also build an affiliate network or find other websites that allow you to submit your product for affiliate marketing. In this technique, affiliates will do all the promoting and selling of your products. All you need to do is pay the affiliates a small commission(as agreed) for each sale. This is well worth it however when you consider the additional sales you can generate.

It’s very easy to setup your own Affiliate campaign. WP Affiliate Platform Plugin offers all the features you will need to setup your own Affiliate campaign from your own WordPress Site or Blog.

Click the Link to check the WP Affiliate Platform Plugin at Tips and Tricks official website.

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