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Create a Squeeze page and start building List using WP eStore Plugin

Create a Squeeze page and start building List using WP eStore Plugin

Do you know that it is possible to create a Squeeze page by using your WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin? Squeeze pages are landing pages created to collect opt-in email addresses from the prospective subscribers or customers. Most people use special Squeeze page Themes but they look too commercial and lack security.

ask yourself

  • Do you want  to offer your visitors free digital contents from your WordPress site (e.g. PDF file, mp3 file etc)?
  • Are you using a widget from your Autoresponder (e.g. MailChimp, AWeber) on your WordPress Site and your site visitors get directed to download area which is not encrypted or secure?
  • Do you want to have an option to capture email addresses for the exchange of all the free materials that you are offering?
  • The link that you are sending to your visitors to download is not encrypted.
  • You want to create a Squeeze Page type Form on your existing blog rather than using a Squeeze page theme to create a static website.
  • Do you want a plugin that handles all above as well as payment processing from your customers securely?

If the above sounds like you then you should try WP eStore Shopping cart Plugin.


How the plugin works?

It is very simple to setup a Squeeze Page Form on your WordPress blog using WP eStore plugin. Shortcodes are already provided by the plugin, you just need to copy that and paste it in to the post or page where you want to display the form that lets your visitors download a free product (any digital content like a PDF file, mp3 file etc). Once the interested visitors fill in their details (Name and email address) and click on the Download button the plugin will send them an email automatically with an encrypted link of the free product to download and add the name and the email of the person in your customer database.


How to add a Squeeze Page Form on to your Blog

First you will need to install WP eStore Plugin on your WordPress Site. Once the plugin is installed add a new product to your product database that you are giving for free. You will also need a Download/Get now button. I have plenty of download buttons under the “Freebies” category on this site. Fill the Button Image URL field as well.

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WP eStore Plugin allows you add Ajax/JQuery powered as well as normal types of Squeeze Page type Form. Ajax powered form is lot cooler. It doesn’t refresh the whole page, loads lot quicker and shows email confirmation on the same page.


Squeeze Form powered by Ajax/JQuery

Here is a live example. I have added one of my ebooks here for free download. Once you put your name and email address and click on the download button you will receive an email with an encrypted link of my ebook.

Feel free to try it. You will see how easy it is. Don’t forget to check your inbox.

To do the same thing on your blog you will need to use the Shortcode below:


My product id for the ebook is 3. You will need to get your product Id after you uploaded the product.


How to add Squeeze Page Type Form to the Sidebar

To use the Squeeze Page type Form from a PHP file (eg. the sidebar.php) use the following PHP function:


So the following line of code will add a squeeze type form for a product that has a product id 3:

<?php echo eStore_free_download_form_ajax(3); ?>


WP eStore plugin helps you with list building and handles all the electronic deliveries of your digital products but always remember people like freebies and if you are not offering something useful, people are not going to give you their details.

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