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How to collect email addresses to build email list from WordPress Blog

How to collect email addresses to build email list from WordPress Blog

Are you thinking of starting your own email marketing campaign? Even these days there is a lot of fuss about email marketing like isn’t it out modelled or didn’t spam kill email marketing? If targeted correctly and messages are crafted aptly, email is still a very powerful marketing tool.

To run a successful email marketing campaign you will need a list of targeted subscribers with valid email addresses first. In this article I will explain how you can collect email addresses from your site visitors and build an email list.

Capturing the email addresses is easy but collecting non-customers’ email addresses will be much harder than collecting those of your regular clients.

There are some better ways to collect email addresses from your site visitors:

  • Always offer something valuable to your site visitors. Think this way, why would someone need to signup to your newsletter? Are you offering exclusive news, offers or support?
  • Keep your signing form short and simple. The more questions you ask in the subscribe form the less likely people will be to pursue it until the end.
  • Not all your site visitors are buying from you on their first visit so you will need to think of more creative ways to invite them to sign up to your subscriber list. Offer them something free such as an ebook, guide or something useful that they can download. It is kinda like bribing them to give you their email address but hey in return you are also giving away something useful so don’t feel so bad.

How to capture email address from your WordPress Blog

If you are posting interesting reports or articles on your site, people may like to subscribe to your newsletter to read more. If you are selling a product or a service people would also like to subscribe to your Newsletters to receive new updates, news or new releases of the product or services.

Best way to capture email addresses from your site visitors is using an Autoresponder. Autoresponder is a software that enables you to send emails to people automatically and also collect and manage your subscribers details. Autoresponders provide pre defined and customizable signup forms to collect email address from your site visitors.

Example of some Signup forms:


Why should you use an Autoresponder when you can send emails from your own email account?

Autoresponder collects email addresses from your subscribers and send pre-loaded professional email marketing newsletters at pre-determined dates/times to the people on your email list. When you send marketing newsletters or promotional offers to your subscribers using your own or company’s gmail, hotmail or yahoo email account, there is a big chance that your emails will get caught by the subscribers email filter. If one subscriber marks your email as spam then your email account will be banned from that mail server entirely. So if you are marked as a spammer on hotmail server then you won’t be able to send emails to any of your subscribers who has got hotmail account. This is where Autoresponders play an important role in email marketing.

You might have heard about AWeber, MAILCHIMP, GetResponse.  These are all Autoresponders. Autoresponders have special agreements with all the major email servers that they will never send email to someone without their consent and this is the reason email servers like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc do not block emails that are sent by Autoresponders. When subscribers put their name and email address to subscribe, Autoresponder capture the information and sends them an email to get their consent. So the email list you have with an Autoresponder is valid and you are not spamming anyone. The basic concept of email marketing and list building is people give you their permission to receive emails in return for you giving them free, quality information.

The best Autoresponder in the market at the moment is AWeber. It has lots of other features that you will find on their website.


Collect email address in exchange for free content

Autoresponders only provide sign up Forms to capture users email address. If you are giving away free digital contents (e.g. ebooks, mp3, PDF files) from your WordPress site you can use WP eStore Plugin to deliver products to the subscribers and collect their email address at the same time. WP eStore Shopping Cart Plugin is completely integrated with all the major Autoresponders such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse. So when the plugin collect subscribers email addresses, it automatically stores them in your subscribers’ mailing list.

WP eStore Plugin can deliver any digital product securely to you subscribers. If you are thinking of giving away free stuff from your site I would recommend you to use the WP eStore Plugin because it not only does digital delivery or collect email addresses from the subscriber but also keeps your digital product completely secure.

WordPress Shopping Cart
See the Plugin in Action below

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Here are the steps to set-up your Squeeze page by using WP eStore Plugin

Step1. Add the Product


Step2. Add the product URL (Product location on your server)


Step3. Add the download Button


All you need do now is add the short code below on your blog where you want to show the Squeeze Form and WP eStore plugin will capture email addresses of the downloader’s and send them the ebook automatically.


Once you setup the product you will find the Product id under “Manage Product” section.



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